This section of the website has been created to try and bridge the gap between Harry Stines excellent book Model Rocketry and the many professional text books. The aim is to explain the science of rockets in laymans term and introduce people to the key maths and physics used in rocket science. For now, the website covers the basic principles, to let readers grasp the concepts without freaking out on maths. All analysis is based on one and two dimensions for simplicity. Real rocket flights take place in the three dimensional world, and the transition into that area of maths is not usually made until the second year of an engineering degree. I aim to keep the site at its present level. For further reading see the bibliography
Rocket Science
Parachute Drift
Odd Stuff
The basic physics of rocket flight
Rocket Equation
Keplers Laws
Interplanetary Flight
An explanation of how rocket motors work
The forces on a rocket during flight
Derivation of the rocket equation, including multi-stage rockets
An introduction to Kepler's laws and orbits
Some common orbital manouevres
Manouevres for leaving earth and travelling to the planets
Calculating the range of a radio signal from a rocket
An introduction to turbo codes
Turbo Codes
Some techniques for modelling mobile radio propagation
Mobile Radio
Some thoughts on the ballistics of rockets
Modelling the wind drift of a rocket desending under parachute
Drift Model
Implementation of the wind drift model in Excel with a VB macro
Drift Spreadsheet
Special Relativity explained using rockets
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