Hyperphysics is a really useful site for revisiting long-forgotten material or just browsing.

Wolfram Mathworld is an excellent site for discovering maths.

A really useful source of information and projects for schools rocketry

Educational Sites
Rocketry Vendors
Rocketry Groups and Clubs
Rocketry Resources
UKRA is the national body for high power rocketry.

BMFA is the national body for model aircraft flying. They provide insurance for model rocketry.

FOG is my local club in South Wales. It's difficult to imagine a more helpful and friendly group.

A nice site near Twycross on the Midlands. Plenty of large fields.

An established club operating from a site near Warwick

EARS has a large site in Cambridgeshire

The first American club I launched with. They have a good site near Frederick MD.

Their site at Great Plains VA is simply fantastic
A great business run by the ever-helpful Alan. His shop in Stafford stocks all manner of model rocketry parts, kits and motors and gives excellent service.

Malcolm carrys a good range of rocket kits, motors and components.

Richard is the newest of the UK vendors. He has a good range of medium and high power kits and motors.

Quality metalwork for motor retention and other rocketry needs.

A very useful supplier of nuts, bolts, clips and all manner of fasteners. Very good service.
Richards website is a font of useful information. Check it out.

Reviews of hundred of model rocket kits

The UK's only public rocketry forum.

TRF is a good place to socialise online with other rocketeers and learn from other people's experience.

Wolfram Mathworld

Estes Educator
UK Rocketry Association

British Model Flying Association

Fins Over Gwent

Midlands Rocketry

Black Knights

East Anglia Rocketry Society



Rockets and Things


Rowes Retainers



UK Rocketry Forum

The Rocketry Forum