I was born before man had left the atmosphere. As a child I saw John Glenn's capsule as it passed through London in 1962, and stayed up all night to watch Armstrong and Aldrin walk on the Moon in 1969. Later in life I had the honour of meeting two of the 12 men who've walked on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin and Alan Bean.

I find rocketry is a very absorbing hobby because of its many facets. I love the technical challenges of pushing the envelope, the craft challenges of trying new construction techniques and materials, the satisfaction when a long-planned project comes together, and the genuie satisfaction when everything works. Most of all I love the camradery of the launch site.

I spend a lot of my time doing things associated with rocketry. A few years ago I started Fins Over Gwent, a local rocketry club in South Wales. In my "spare" time do youth outreach work for UKRA, and do anything I can to encourage young people into the numerate sciences.
I was born in Manchester, spent ten years in Surrey, then returned north to Lancashire. A BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering led me into the RAF for 16 years as an engineering officer. It was a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience spoiled only by the continuous house moves (eleven moves in 16 years).

After the RAF I took up a job in the defence industry, picking up an MSc in Satellite Communications Engineering along the way. I work for EADS Innovation Works on communications research programmes. I'm also a visiting lecturer at the University of Wales, Newport, where I lecture in satellite communications